MP Report: Canada’s Passport, Erasing Heroes, Rewriting History, and Trudeau’s Assault on Our Identity

Dear constituents,

I would like to discuss a very important topic: the alarming priorities of the Trudeau Liberals.

Instead of prioritizing affordable living, fiscal responsibility, equipping our Armed Forces, and countering foreign interference, Trudeau Liberals seem more interested in rewriting Canada’s history to suit their own agenda. Their recent introduction of a new passport design is just another example of their attempts to erase our heritage.

It is disappointing to see the Liberals show such disregard for Canadian identity and culture by removing beloved symbols of our nation, including Terry Fox, suffragette Nellie McClung, and the Vimy Ridge Memorial. These symbols represent significant moments and important figures in Canada’s history, yet the Liberals seem determined to erase them from our collective memory.

Trudeau has also referred to Canada as being a post-national state, whatever that means. This statement raises questions about his commitment to preserving our national identity and values. By undermining the importance of our history and heritage, he threatens to erode the very foundations on which our nation stands.

Furthermore, he has presided over the desecration of statues honoring our history, with little to no effort to condemn the behavior. This lack of condemnation sends a message that such acts are acceptable and undermines the principles of respect and reverence for our shared history.

Instead of addressing pressing issues like backlogs and delays in passport offices and problems within our immigration system, Liberals are diverting resources, time, and money to pursue these changes. To understand their motives, we need to examine the kind of country Trudeau envisions. These alterations, along with his admiration for regimes like China, indicate a concerning trend of censorship and control. As citizens, it is crucial for us to protect our shared stories, symbols, and sense of identity.

Trudeau’s admiration for China’s regime and his affinity for leaders like Fidel Castro raise concerns about his inclination toward state control. Through information censorship, controversial bills that restrict online expression, and altering symbols of our past, he seeks to reshape the country according to his own vision. This manipulative approach resembles George Orwell’s concept of “reality control” and the erasure of collective memory.

The true heroes of Canada are the ordinary individuals who have fought for control over their own lives throughout history. Our democratic tradition is a valuable inheritance that has evolved over time, and it is our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. If we fail to pass on this legacy, we risk losing our nation’s history and the principles it embodies. Our passport, as a symbol of identity, should remain free from the agenda of those who seek to erase our heroes and rewrite our history.

Together, we must fiercely protect our shared stories, cherished symbols, and our invaluable common sense. By preserving these, we safeguard the essence of Canada and defend against the relentless assault on our heritage and freedom. Trudeau’s personal coloring book, as the passport appears to be, filled with trivial imagery, diminishes our nation’s grandeur and significance. This attempt to belittle Canada’s stature serves to strengthen the power of the state. However, we must remember that true heroes emerge from everyday ordinary people, who do extraordinary things in time of need, and should not be diminished by an agenda-laden government of the day, hell-bent on erasing history.

In the face of evolving societal dynamics, it is imperative that we hold onto our shared stories, symbols, and, most importantly, our common sense. Canada’s passport serves as a reminder of our shared history and the values we hold dear. It represents the struggles, achievements, and aspirations of past generations. Rest assured, my Conservative colleagues and I are committed to ensure that the legacy we have inherited is passed on to future generations, preserving the spirit of liberty, democracy, and national pride.