MP Report: The Liberal Government’s Failures and the Conservative Path Forward 

Fellow Canadians, 

In these challenging times, it is crucial to have an honest conversation about the direction our country is headed. For the past eight years, Canada has been under the rule of the Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau. While they promised hope and “sunny ways”, many of us have been left in despair when it comes to addressing the issues that matter most to everyday Canadians. 

Freedom: In a democratic society, freedom of speech and expression are non-negotiable pillars. However, under the Liberal-NDP coalition, we have witnessed a worrying erosion of these fundamental rights. Bills like C-18 and C-11 have cast a shadow of online censorship, curtailing what Canadians can see and share. It’s imperative to remember that an open and informed society thrives on dialogue, diversity of thought, and the freedom to express opinions without fear of censorship. 

The Conservative Party of Canada staunchly upholds fundamental freedoms, notably freedom of speech. We understand that these rights are the bedrock of our democracy. Under our leadership, we will protect these rights, counter government overreach, and ensure that Canadians can express themselves without fear of censorship. The Heritage Committee will be given the chance to fulfill its crucial role in safeguarding these freedoms, standing as a bastion against any potential infringement. 

Lower Prices: Rising costs have been a growing concern for Canadians! Every day I receive letters from my constituents about how rising costs are impacting their ability to make ends meet. Inflation is on the rise, pushing up the prices of everyday essentials such as groceries and gas. Families are feeling the pinch as they struggle to stretch their budgets to cover the basics. 

Canada’s Conservatives are aware of the financial stress faced by Canadians. We pledge to cap costs, eliminate wasteful government expenditure, and halt Trudeau’s plan to triple the carbon tax. By taking these measures, we will alleviate the financial burden on hard-working Canadians, ensuring they can afford the essentials and maintain a decent quality of life. 

Powerful Paycheques: The notion that work should pay off is fundamental to a prosperous society. However, under the current government, hard-earned wages are being heavily taxed and clawed back, making it difficult for Canadians to get ahead. Moreover, businesses are grappling with red tape and regulations that discourage job growth and investment, resulting in jobs being outsourced to foreign markets. 

Conservatives are committed to empowering Canadians with robust paycheques. We will reduce taxes and slash clawbacks, allowing Canadians to keep more of their earnings. By eliminating barriers to job creation and investing in green projects and industries, we will bring back jobs to Canada. Our vision is clear: everyone who works hard should be able to bring home a decent living. 

Safe Streets: The Liberal government’s approach to crime and public safety has raised valid concerns among Canadians. Policies such as catch-and-release for violent offenders and the decriminalization of dangerous drugs have contributed to a surge in violent crime and a tragic increase in drug overdose deaths. 

My Conservative colleagues and I prioritize the safety of our communities. We commit to implementing policies that place the security of Canadians at the forefront. This includes restoring mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes, cracking down on illegal firearms, and providing treatment and support for individuals grappling with addiction and mental health issues. It is high time that we refocus on keeping our streets safe and secure. 

Housing: The housing crisis in Canada has reached an alarming trend under the current government’s watch. Housing costs have more than doubled, rendering homeownership a distant dream for many, especially the younger generation. Trudeau’s policies have hamstrung homebuilding, driving up prices and exacerbating the crisis. 

The Conservative Party of Canada has a comprehensive plan to make affordable housing a reality for Canadians. We will remove obstacles to land development, expedite building permits, and ensure that more affordable homes are available. We will hold big-city governments accountable for obstructing new housing and provide incentives for streamlining the building process. Our commitment is clear: we aim to make homeownership accessible to a wider swath of the Canadian population. 

Trudeau’s failure to address these pressing issues has left Canadians feeling disillusioned and frustrated. Therefore, Conservatives are determined to safeguard freedom, lower prices, powerful paycheques, safer streets, and affordable homes. Let’s make Canada the best place to live, work, and raise a family. It’s time for a new direction, and we’re ready to lead the way. Together, we’ll build a better future for all of us. It’s your Canada, and it’s time to take it back!