MP Report — End of Session Wrap Up

Parliament has adjourned for a summer recess, and I want to take this opportunity to update you on the work of the Conservative opposition as we approach the mid-way mark of this Liberal government’s four-year mandate amidst rumours of a federal election being called as early as this summer.

Even though the Liberals were reduced to a minority in October 2019, they have been able to operate largely as though Canadians elected a majority Liberal government, with the support of the NDP and Bloc Quebecois. Only Canada’s Conservatives have been standing up to protect the interests of Canadians and while it has been difficult, we have had success.

The Conservative opposition was able to hold the Liberals to account on several issues related to COVID-19 and their obvious mismanagement of programs and legislation that would help Canadians.

We also pushed the government in the House of Commons to finally approve rapid-testing options and, after months of inaction, the government is deploying them in Canada. Rapid-testing options that will help keep businesses open and Canadians safe.

Conservatives identified flaws in the various financial support programs announced by the federal government and successfully pressured the Liberals to make important changes to these programs, including CERB, CEWS, EI, and small business support programs. We held the Liberals accountable for their disastrous 2021 federal budget and exposed billions in wasteful government spending and continue to push for important clarification about how programs like CERB will affect seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). It is very concerning that Trudeau has added more to Canada’s debt than all of the Prime Minister’s before him – combined.

While COVID-19 and related supports dominated much of this last session of Parliament, we also pressed the government on issues related to our economy, which needs a plan for restart, something the Liberals have yet to address. We need jobs, investment, and a return to fiscal responsibility as soon as possible.

Conservatives secured emergency debates in the House of Commons when the Keystone XL pipeline was on the chopping block, and when the Enbridge Line 5 project was set to be closed. Conservatives have fought tooth-and-nail to keep vital energy projects alive and will continue to advocate for safe and environmentally friendly methods of energy transportation.

We have consistently called for the Government to do better when it comes to supporting workers in highly impacted sectors like hospitality, tourism, and not-for-profits. Instead the government continued to be slow and unresponsive, and failed to act on opportunities to pivot and improve programs, resulting in a huge bill to taxpayers, without the results to justify it.

We fought for workers in every industry, not just the ones Justin Trudeau likes.

As Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Canada’s Conservatives have also worked hard to oppose or amend several pieces of legislation that the Government introduced. We fought for amendments to Bill C-6 which failed to adequately protect private conversations with loved ones, medical professionals, and faith leaders, despite Liberal claims that they weren’t trying to target these conversations. We were the only party to oppose Bill C-10 which needlessly attacks Canadian’s freedom of speech online, Bill C-12 which claimed to be about the environment but actually does not contain a plan on how to protect the environment and Bill C-21 that strips law-abiding firearms owners of their firearms while doing nothing to promote public safety. Further, Canada’s Conservatives were the only party to fight against changes the Liberal made to our Justice System – changes that favour the criminal over the victim.

While the Liberals were supported by some or all other Opposition parties (NDP, Green, Bloc), if an election is called before the House resumes on September 20, all bills that haven’t fully passed are removed and would have to be reintroduced in the next Parliament, and restart the parliamentary process to be considered again.

Canada’s Conservatives will continue to work hard to stand up for Canadians even if no other Opposition Party has the courage to oppose the Liberals plans. As your Member of Parliament, I remain committed to standing up for Central Alberta and the issues that matter most to us.