MP Report: Pierre Poilievre announces Inflation-busting Conservative Shadow Cabinet


October 12th, 2022 

OTTAWA – The Honourable Pierre Poilievre, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, today announced the Conservative Shadow Cabinet. With this announcement, Blaine Calkins, Member of Parliament for Red Deer Lacombe, has been appointed Shadow Minister for Hunting, Angling and Conservation. 

“I am honoured to be given the significant role and responsibility, and to continue serving Canadians and my community of Red Deer-Lacombe in the new role as Conservative Shadow Minister for Hunting, Angling and Conservation.  

The Conservative Party of Canada led by the Hon. Pierre Poilievre will be working hard to protect the outdoor way of life. By having a seat at the Shadow Cabinet table, I will ensure that conservation and our heritage sports are always considered in every decision.  

I’m pleased that Pierre recognizes the outdoor community for their valuable contributions to conservation and our economy! Conservatives will be engaging everyone in Canada who wants to ensure that we have abundance of our renewable resources for generations to come!  

I will be reaching out to as many Canadians as I can who wants to have a say about our wild spaces and waters and working towards a future that holds promise for our fish and wildlife, and our people! Holding the government to account on this significant file, we will be working in partnership with the provincial, territorial, indigenous bodies, and local stakeholders across Canada. This will be a priority going forward!” said Mr. Calkins. 

MP Calkins has served as a Member of Parliament since 2006 and currently serves as a Member of the Panel of Chairs for the Legislative Committees. He is also a Chair of the Conservative Hunting and Angling Caucus.  

Pierre Poilievre announces Inflation-busting Conservative Shadow Cabinet – Conservative Party of Canada