MP Report — The Devastating Effects of the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Canadians are hurting more than ever. Being at events throughout my constituency in the past number of weeks has shown me the depth of this. The combined cost of living crisis, confusion and backlog of federal benefits, and mental health crisis is taking a huge toll on Canadians, especially our senior citizens on fixed income.

This struggle to make ends meet is hitting people from so many directions. Food is more expensive, with groceries costing families $1000 more this year. This Liberal carbon tax is pushing so many Canadians to a breaking point; gas and home heating bills have many constituents calling my office in a completely hopeless state. The calls my office is receiving are nothing short of heartbreaking, and it’s these messages I will continually bring back to Ottawa and share in the House of Commons- the havoc these Liberal policies are wreaking across my constituency.

For the first time since September 1991, prices are up 5.1 per cent compared to a year ago. The damage Justin Trudeau has inflicted on our economy and skyrocketing inflation is immeasurable.

Seniors on fixed income are among those feeling the worst effects, falling behind as they watch the Trudeau government drive up the cost of living even further with their reckless policies. This Liberal government created mass confusion for seniors that needed CERB when they created a system that caused those who accessed support through the CRA to lose their Guaranteed Income Supplement.  A simple fix could have prevented many seniors from being left with the decision of whether to purchase medication, groceries, or pay their heating bill. Many seniors aren’t in a position to wait months on end for a one-time payment to try and make it right. These constituents are calling my office with trembling voices and feel they have virtually no hope.

Canadians can’t afford more of the same Liberal policies. They can’t afford another increase in the carbon tax, or for inflation to continue to break records.

Canadians need responsible leadership that will put more money back in Canadians’ pockets. Leadership that listens to Canadians, stands up and does what is right. Canada’s Conservatives are doing just that.