MP Report – The NDP-Liberal Coalition

On May 2nd, NDP Jagmeet Singh chose to give Justin Trudeau exactly what he wants: a Parliament that provides the Prime Minister with an audience, not an opposition.

The agreement stipulated that the NDP would be told ahead of time, before the public, when votes deemed a confidence vote would occur so that “discussions” could take place.  In other words, the Liberals crafted a plan where backroom governance, and no transparency occurs and ensured their leadership until 2025.  Ultimately, everything from voting plans, committee work to briefings by public servants took take place behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny and accountability. 

The NDP also gave the Liberals the power to adjourn the House and shut down Parliament until September if the Liberal government didn’t like being held to account for the cost-of-living crisis, sky-high inflation, or any of Justin Trudeau’s many ethical scandals.  So, if they didn’t like something, they could shut it down, rather than face opposition.

With only 17% of the votes during the last election, Canadians by and large, did not vote for NDP ideology and policies, yet with an NDP-Liberal government, Justin Trudeau has bought himself a majority government with billions of borrowed dollars that Canadians have to pay back.  I often get asked why conservatives aren’t doing more to oppose Justin Trudeau or why a vote of non-confidence is not being called to oust the Prime Minister.  The truth is that with this backroom NDP-Liberal deal, Justin Trudeau bought his majority government, rather than earning it, and now Canadians are footing the bill. 

We know that this is wrong. This is not how democracy should work, and Conservatives will continue to use every remaining tool at our disposal to hold the government to account and to stand up for Canadians left behind by Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.