Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

06-10-19 (June)

Stacking the Deck

Recently the leader of Canada’s Conservatives,  Andrew Scheer, published an op-ed in the Toronto Sun to talk about Justin Trudeau “stacking the deck” by including Unifor on a panel that will determine how $600M will be distributed to media outlets. Unifor has publically declared its intention to do all it can to ensure that the Conservatives do not win the next election, which begs the question, how can Jerry Dias act impartially in deciding what media outlets will benefit from the $600M bailout?

But the media bailout is just one example of Justin Trudeau stacking the deck as we approach the next federal election.

In Bill C-76, Justin Trudeau had an opportunity close a loophole that would eliminate foreign interference in Canada’s elections and he chose not to do so. The Liberals and NDP, who ostensibly have the most to gain from foreign interference in our elections also defeated my Private Member’s Bill, C-406, which would close the loophole around foreign interference as it relates to advertising in our elections.

The Liberals have also been making funding announcements across the country while enacting legislation that limits the reach that opposition parties have to share their message. Case in point, Justin Trudeau recently announced $1.4M in funding for Global Women’s Health. I think we can all agree this is an important issue. In fact, in June 2010, Canada, under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper, led G8 and non G8 leaders to commit $7.3 billion, mobilizing global action to reduce maternal and infant mortality and improve the health of mothers and children in the world's poorest countries, through the Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. If Justin Trudeau really cared about these issues, why did it take until the last days of this term for him to make this announcement?

It is very clear that Justin Trudeau does not believe his government can win the next election without first ensuring the odds are in his favour. He is counting on the fact that Canadians are not smart enough to see what he’s doing.

It didn’t work with SNC Lavalin and it’s not go to work now.

You can read Andrew’s op-ed here:

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