Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

10-25-19 (October)

Election Wrap-Up

I want to thank the residents of Red Deer – Lacombe for their confidence, and decision to send me back to Ottawa to continue to represent them, and fight for their interests. Political campaigns are a group effort, with countless people playing various roles and duties to ensure things go smoothly. I want to pay special thanks to everyone who got involved, by volunteering, donating or working in this election.   Also, I want to thank my family for their continued support.

I understand that passions are high, and tempers are flaring over fear that the disrespect shown to our province for the past four years will be able to continue unchecked. However, I am hopeful that with the Liberals being reduced to a minority, we will be able to take strides forward for our province. In order to achieve this, we must take a pause, and remain calm and level headed about what actions will best serve Albertans moving forward. We must not rush to anger or dismay but remain  pragmatic and considerate as the 43rd Parliament is formed, and the path forward becomes clearer.

Election campaigns are always spirited as candidates and parties put forward different ideas on how the country should best move forward. Coming into this campaign, the anger and frustration in Central Alberta towards the Trudeau Liberal Government was very real and justifiable, and the results in our province show it. While the Conservative Party did not win enough seats to form government, we did win the national popular vote, and strengthened our ability and mandate to hold the Liberals to account.

No longer will Justin Trudeau have the ability to make unilateral decisions about our future. He will have to listen to other parts of the country, including Alberta. Trudeau cannot appease Alberta with a token pipeline approval, he must recognize that it is the responsibility of the
Government to champion all sectors of our economy, and he needs to completely reverse course on the disastrous policies that have stoked the fires of separation in the west.

Thanks to your support, I am proud to be going back to Ottawa to loudly and clearly advocate for policies that will unshackle our province and allow us to become the economic engine of
Canada once again.

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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe