Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

2016-10 (October)

MP Report - October 2016

Carbon Tax = A Tax on Everything

Alberta is a strong province and we have underpinned the Canadian economy for decades, we have faced tough times before and we have bounced back with tenacity.  It is no
secret that our province is facing massive job losses and economic stagnation.  We need, now more than ever a partner at the federal level.  Sadly, we do not have that partner.

This week we learned that Justin Trudeau and his government are going to impose a massive Carbon Tax on Canadians if provinces don’t implement one of their own by 2018.  The Canadian
Taxpayers Federation estimates this new tax will cost each Canadian family almost $2,600 extra a year – money that could go to pay bills, groceries or activities for the kids.    

During the 2015 election campaign Justin Trudeau said in one of the televised debates that imposing a Carbon Tax on provinces and territories would be “nonsensical”.   Yet
here we find ourselves, looking down the barrel of one of the most regressive taxes in our countries history.

The Prime Minister employs a do as I say not as I do mentality and his lack of respect for the constitutional division of powers is unbecoming.  This do as I say not as I do attitude transcends into all aspects of how he governs Canada.  Last
week, we learned that the Prime Minister was going to approve the Pacific North West LNG project, but this week he unilaterally imposed a Carbon Tax against the will of the provinces and territories.  Albertans remember the NEP of
the previous Trudeau, and it looks like we are getting NEP2, an attack on the interests of the west again, by Trudeau 2.

It is no secret that carbon taxes have very little impact on the reduction of Green House Gas emissions but a very real impact on padding the coffers of governments.  In British Columbia, a province that has a carbon tax has seen their emissions rise
consistently since implementation.   Countries like Australia have enacted legislation to repeal their carbon tax while some of our trading partners have opted for investment in clean tech solutions and backed industry driven lead development. 

It is further complicating that our largest trading partner; the United States does not have a carbon tax nor do they appear to have a desire to implement one.  The argument being put forward by Prime Minister Trudeau is that this carbon tax will level the
playing field for Canadian business – nothing could be further from the truth. What will happen when Canada's Carbon Tax makes us uncompetitive in the international marketplace? More jobs will be lost, especially in the west.

The unilateral top down approach taken by this Prime Minister in regards to his Carbon Tax is regressive and hurtful for Alberta families.  Overall this expansive new tax will cost us more and it will create even more economic instability at a
time when Alberta is struggling to get back on track.  My colleague Shannon Stubbs, MP Lakeland has sponsored e-petition 585, it can be found at the following link I encourage everyone to
visit the link and sign their name to stop this massive Trudeau Carbon Tax.

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