Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

2016-11 (November)

November 2016 MP Report

CETA a Historic Deal for Alberta and Canada 

During our time in Government Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Honourable Ed Fast along with
a host of other people worked tirelessly for seven years to negotiate a deal.  Our team marched the ball down the field and punched it across the goal line. The only thing left was for the Liberals to kick the point after.

The wind blew and the ball hit the goal posts, we needed an instant replay before Canadians knew if the
point after was good.    What should have been an easy play almost turned into a fumble as they overestimated the popularity of their quarterback.

The Comprehensive European Trade Agreement is a deal with the 28 member states of the European Union that represents 500 million people and an annual economic activity of almost $20 trillion dollars.

For Alberta that has a significant impact, for instance currently Canadian farmers are subject to a
$114-$190/tonne import tariff on their product. However, under CETA 90% of those tariffs will be removed.  This is great news for Alberta wheat, barley, rye. durum and canola farmer exports.

For beef farmers in Alberta CETA will mean a boost of $600 million worth of duty free exports into the EU
market .  Furthermore, it is estimated that CETA will generate the equivalent of $1,000 to the average Canadian family’s income or almost 80,000 new jobs to the Canadian economy.  At a time when Alberta’s economy is struggling and people are out of work it was critical this deal was finalized.

Instead of being front and centre, Justin Trudeau was nowhere to be found, his lack of presence almost
cost us the hard work and strong leadership our former government invested in this agreement.  Governing is more than just taking selfies or showing up when the lights and cameras are turned on.  When something as important as the CETA agreement is on the brink of falling apart the Prime Minister must show
up.  Thankfully, the Europeans were able to salvage the deal and get it approved for ratification.  I look forward to working to implement the final agreement once tabled. 
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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe