Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

2018-05-10 (May)

The Downside of Bad Immigration Policy

Canadians expect people trying to immigrate to Canada will do so through the front door, not by climbing in
through the window.  

Since Justin Trudeau tweeted #welcometoCanada last year, over 20,000 asylum seekers have illegally crossed
into Canada.  It is expected that 400 individuals per day will cross through unofficial entry points during the

Those who play by the rules are having their applications denied or delayed as priorities are now shifted
to processing those whose first act is to break the law of Canada by crossing the border illegally.

Justin Trudeau has failed to adequately address the issue of illegal border crossers and as a result the Conservatives put forth a Motion calling on the Liberals
to tell Canadians their plan to stop the influx of people illegally entering Canada from the United States and take appropriate measures to handle those who have already claimed asylum. 
The Liberals chose to vote against this motion.   

The response?  The Liberals are now in the process of buying enough tents at the border to house up to 520 people at a time.  This would be laughable if not for the fact
it is both true and Justin Trudeau’s best solution to this current crisis.

The Prime Minister has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Band-Aid solutions to deal with his inability to manage our immigration system. 

Trudeau’s failure to manage a planned immigration system has taxed social services across the provinces and cities are stretched to their breaking point. 

As Canadians we expect our immigration system to be compassionate and fair.   What is happening right now is neither fair nor compassionate to those who play by the rules. 
But then again, with a Prime Minster at the helm that has been found guilty of breaking Federal Ethics Laws on 4 counts; playing by the rules isn’t a priority for this government. 

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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe