Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

2020-05-08 (May)

Justin Trudeau and the Art of Misdirection

I have always appreciated the art of close-up magic and sleight of hand. When used properly it can be a great source of entertainment. What was once here is now there…or is it?

Unfortunately, the Liberals have been playing “gotcha” magic with Canadians for more than five years and they don’t do it to entertain us. Their intent is far more sinister; it is intended to divide Canadians so they can move forward with their agenda with little to no oversight and now the COVID-19 global pandemic is creating extra camouflage for them.

In Alberta and across Canada, the agriculture sector has been deeply affected by the coronavirus crisis and, while farmers are still struggling to get last year’s crops off the field, they are facing a lot of uncertainty moving forward. Earlier this week the Liberal’s re-announced $252 million in support, less than 10% of what was asked for by the ag sector. Farmers across this country literally put food on our table and are the backbone of our country. The Liberals response to their plight was offensive to say the least. Problem is not too many farmers vote for the Liberals.

The oil and gas sector has also asked for assistance during this crisis. This sector has been decimated by Liberals anti-energy policies and an ideology that is decades away from viability. The energy sector has poured billions of dollars into our economy over the years; billions of dollars that have built roads, schools and hospitals. Right now, they are the only sector capable of helping our country to weather the billions of dollars being spent to support Canadians during this pandemic. After weeks of promising “something”, the Liberals came back with a $1.7B spend which would address cleaning up orphaned and abandoned wells. If Trudeau and the Liberals hadn’t stuck a knife in the back of the industry since he took office, the industry would have taken care of this on its own. Problem is not too many energy sector workers vote for the Liberals.

Then earlier this week the Liberals issued an Order in Council which banned more than 1500 different types of firearms, essentially turning law-abiding gun owners into criminals overnight. There was no need to issue the order at this time, except that they had the cover of a national tragedy and further took advantage of the fact that the House of Commons is not operating in the same manner it normally does. Even if the OIC is not something voted on in the House of Commons, you could be rest assured that Conservatives would have been asking questions daily on this issue. But, the Liberals and other opposition parties voted against more regular sittings and now the OIC is in place with no accountability possible. Problem is, most law-abiding gun owners don’t vote for the Liberals.

All of these decisions by the Liberal government have been used to set stage for the big Liberal deception: dividing Canadians.

Only by revealing what’s behind the Liberal curtain will we realize their true intention. Divide Canadians into vote blocks and continue to govern on a path that has destroyed the mental, emotional and financial health of this country.

Canadians deserve better.
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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe