Blaine Calkins
Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe

2020-09-23 (September)

Trudeau's Speech from the Throne is a Disaster for Canadians

In today’s Speech from the Throne, the Prime Minister had the opportunity to address the concerns that Canadians across the country have about dealing with COVID-19 moving forward and the economic recovery we have started to embark on. Instead he has used the pandemic to pitch a massive shift towards socialism, with proposed direct government interventionism into all aspects of our lives, and the demonization of those who create and generate wealth for those of us to share in. He naively believes that Canadians will believe his nonsensical assertion that all of his lofty promises will not cost Canadians anything.

The Government of Canada is totally reliant on the taxpayers of Canada. Without the taxpayer the government has no money other than that which it can borrow. When the government takes on debt, it is Canadians that must pay for it. Instead of working to implement the programs that Canadians need to address the pandemic such as the approval of rapid tests and short term benefit programs, I am shocked and appalled to see the Prime Minister use an international health emergency to attempt to completely change the fabric of Canada in one fell swoop. It’s likely that EI premiums will have to increase for both employers and employees at a time they can afford it the least, in order to accommodate the massive restructuring of the program.

Meanwhile, there is nothing in the document that talks about creating prosperity across the wide-ranging sectors of the Canadian economy. It has left out the sectors vital to Alberta, which have created opportunities for generations of Albertans before us, to the benefit of the entire country. On the same day that StatsCan reported that employment in the energy sector fell by 23,600 jobs between the beginning of April and the end of June, the only reference to support for the energy sector related to transitioning to net-zero emissions. The word agriculture didn’t even make it into the document, whereas farmers were recognized for keeping Canadians fed, but there is nothing in the Speech from the Throne to address their needs.

There is no doubt in my mind that this document was intended to spend money in areas of the Canadian economy and society where Liberals tend to get the most votes. It completely ignores the needs of Canadians in any other aspect of our economy. As a Member of Parliament from Alberta, I was looking intently for the Liberals to indicate that they finally understand the division and alienation that they have caused over the past five or so years. The Conservative Caucus Chairs from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba wrote to the Prime Minister to ensure that he understood the need to switch course. The Leader of Canada’s Conservatives the Hon. Erin O’Toole told the Prime Minister in his very first conversation with him that his Throne Speech needed to signal a shift in course. It is disappointing but unsurprising that all of this advice hasn’t been heeded, particularly given that the Speech suggests trampling on the constitutionally set division of powers as it relates to health care and childcare.

Given all these issues and many others, I will be voting against Justin Trudeau’s Speech from the Throne.

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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe