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Justin Trudeau Must Uphold the Rule of Law Friday, 14 February 2020 Blackfalds, AB – Conservative MP Blaine Calkins (Red Deer – Lacombe) released the following statement in response to the current protests and apparent state of lawlessness in Canada.

“Right now there are countless acts of lawlessness in this country that are having a significant impact on the lives of Canadians,” said Calkins. “Instead of being at home to deal with these issues, the Prime Minister has been off globetrotting, in an attempt to garner votes for a seat on the UN Security Council. The same UN that said Canada must suspend the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Site C dam and Coastal GasLink pipeline.”

Yesterday, VIA Rail announced a suspension of passenger services nationwide, with the exception of Sudbury-White River (CP Rail) and Churchill-The Pas (Hudson Bay Railway). CN Rail is also shutting down its Eastern Canadian network because of the blockade near Belleville, which may result in temporary layoffs of CN workers. The Union representing these workers said the shutdown could lead to roughly 6,000 layoffs.

“Let me be clear, I have no issue with the fundamental right of Canadians to protest and associate with whom they choose. My objection is the unlawful nature of these protestors, many of who have no connection to the issue at hand,“ said Calkins. “Their attempts to literally shut down Canada risks paralyzing our entire country. Agriculture to energy and everything in between, including every day essential items that contribute to the health and well-being of Canadians, is being impacted by these illegal protests. This is simply unacceptable.”

“This mess is of the Prime Minister’s making. He’s pandered to those with far left ideology, the UN, and has emboldened those who wish to shut down Canadian energy altogether. He has stopped legislation that would block foreign funding and influence in Canada. His policies of appeasement have left Canada directionless and adrift.

Canadians deserve a federal government that respects and supports the rule of law. Unfortunately Justin Trudeau is showing that he is unwilling to do so; unsurprising given his past disregard for the Canadian justice system and rule of law.”


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Blaine Calkins - Member of Parliament for Red Deer - Lacombe